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Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery.

Human trafficking is exploitation of another person for profit, and the forms it takes are constantly evolving. It includes sex trafficking, child sex trafficking (when the victim is a minor, any commercial sex act is considered human trafficking), forced labor or labor trafficking, child soldiers, debt bondage, domestic servitude, among others. Victims lose their individual freedom and, many times, their identity when trafficked.

While a common perception of trafficking includes being kidnapped or abducted, this is far from the norm. The traffickers exploit their victim’s vulnerabilities, keeping them hostage psychologically. This means victims can still be living in their home, attending school, and/or participating in their community. And, just as anyone can be a victim, anyone can be a traffickera parent, relative, boyfriend, girlfriend, or someone you meet online.


Call 1-888-3737-888 or Text 233733 (BEFREE)
or Chat at the
or Call Iowa Victim Service Call Center (800) 770-1650
or Text ‘IOWAHELP’ to 20121
or Call Iowa DHS Child Abuse Hotline (800) 362-2178

If you are in immediate danger, call 911 
All services are free of charge and available 27/7

 Siouxland Coalition Against Human Trafficking is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) corporation located in Sioux City, Iowa. The Coalition was founded in July of 2014. Our purpose is to work toward abolishing all forms of human trafficking through education, advocacy and collaboration focusing on, but not limited to, the three states (Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota) that comprise Siouxland.


To work toward abolishing all forms of human trafficking through education, advocacy and collaboration.


Prevention is a primary focus for the Siouxland Coalition Against Human Trafficking (SCAHT). We work with young people, parents, teachers, and other interested individuals to raise awareness of the problem. In our role as a resource on human trafficking, we are available to give presentations to any type of group and to provide relevant information and materials. We work with many local agencies and law enforcement to help determine what human trafficking looks like in Siouxland, what services are available, and what is needed. SCAHT is a member of the Iowa Network Against Human Trafficking.

Currently, SCAHT is an all-volunteer organization. In 2019, SCAHT members gave over 40 presentations, reaching almost 2000 people in the Siouxland region. Our large multi-dimensional human trafficking exhibit appeared in 9 locations throughout Siouxland, including colleges, churches, and schools. SCAHT also worked in conjunction with The Set Me Free Project to make presentations to Siouxland area schools. We sponsored tables and displays at nine different events, such as the Woodbury County Fair in Moville and the Multi-Cultural Fair in Sioux City. In addition to this, we co-sponsored social media awareness sessions for parents and other interested parties. In 2020, we hosted an internationally-attended conference on pornography.



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