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Our goal at Counseling & Support Services, Inc. is to provide effective therapeutic and intervention solutions.

We offer both group and individual counseling services, and at-home or in-office sessions.


Child Mental Health Intervention
Counseling and Support Services Inc. offers an in-home service to individuals with Title 19 Insurance (Iowa Medical Card). These services, called Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS), are designed to help individuals, children and adults, develop and enhance the skills needed to assist them in coping with day to day events. Services can also include crisis intervention designed to deescalate volatile situations which involves the youth's struggle to manage his/her mental health symptoms. Family assistance includes education and support in coping with the youth's mental health symptoms and management of the youth's behavior.
In-Office Therapy
The specialties of the therapists encompass a variety of issues and populations including ADHD, oppositional behaviors, impulse control problems and emotional issues such as depression in children and adolescents. Adult services are also available to provide therapy for mood disorders, thought disorders, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders.
Group Counseling
Skilled counselors have developed a specific curriculum to teach skills to help children and adolescents follow rules, respect others, and interact appropriately with adults and friends alike.


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